Investment Process

Minimum Capital

Potential investors should invest a minimum capital of US $ 50,000.00, in order to be able to request Investment Certificates, Immigration Permits, land and the approval of the competent sector.  

Incorporation of the Company

It is necessary for future investors to set up a business in Malawi through a Commercial Registry and before they even invest in any related activity. The Registry implies a Certificate of Commercial Registry, once the company has been duly registered.

Insurance of Investment Certificate

Potential investors who make a minimum investment of US $ 50,000 must obtain an Investment Certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Malawi (CCIM). The CCIM charges a processing fee in the amount of U $ 200,00 and one of emission of the Certificate, in the amount of U $ 800,00, both non-refundable. At this stage of the process, the investor may also request a Commercial Residence Permit, as well as a Temporary Work Authorization, land and approval of the competent sector, licenses and authorizations.  

Registration with the Malawi Audit Office

Once registered with the Investment Certificate, the investor must proceed with the opening of a Business Account at any commercial bank in Malawi, and with obtaining a Commercial Registry from the Malawi Fiscal Audit (AFM).

Application for Commercial Residence Permit, Temporary Work Permit and Commercial Land

CCIM administers, on behalf of investors, all applications for Commercial Residence Permit (PRC), Temporary Work Permit (ATT) and Commercial Land Purchase.  

Environmental Impact Assessments

Some investors’ projects require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) depending on the magnitude and location of their proposed investments. The EIAs are determined and administered by the Department of the Environment. The CCIM again facilitates this process.