welcome to mount mulanje


mount mulanje

A huge hulk of twisted granite rising majestically from the surrounding plains, Mt Mulanje towers over 3000m high. All over the mountain are dense green valleys and rivers that drop from sheer cliffs to form dazzling waterfalls. The locals call it the ‘Island in the Sky’, and on misty days (and there are many) it’s easy to see why: the massif is shrouded in a cotton-wool haze, its highest peaks bursting through the cloud to touch the heavens.

Some people come to the base of the mountain just for a day visit, but the stunning scenery, easy access, clear paths and well-maintained huts make Mulanje a fine hiking area worthy of a few days. While here, look out for the endemic Mulanje cedar, which can grow up to 40m high. The abundant wildlife also includes klipspringers, duikers, vervet and blue monkeys, rock hyraxes (dassies), black eagles, buzzards, hawks and kestrels.

Credit to https://www.lonelyplanet.com/malawi


Mount Mulanje