The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi to the State of Kuwait wishes to inform Malawians resident in the Gulf Region and the general public that His Excellency Ambassador Wilfred Ali has left Kuwait following the end of his Tour of Duty as Ambassador of the Republic of Malawi to the State of Kuwait. 

Mr. Alison Edson Liwanda-Chargé D’ Affaires of the Malawi Mission in Kuwait

Pending the arrival of the new Ambassador, the Government of the Republic of Malawi has appointed Mr. Alison Edson Liwanda, the Deputy Ambassador, to take charge of the Mission in the capacity of Charge d’ Affaires ad interim.

The Embassy would like to extend its appreciations to all Malawians living in Kuwait and other countries of its accreditation for the support they rendered to Ambassador Wilfred Ali during his term of office and is hopeful that the same level of support will be given to his successor. 

In addition to working as Malawi Ambassador to the State of Kuwait, Ambassador Ali also concurrently served as Malawi Envoy to the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the State of Qatar, United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Republic of Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Yemen on non-residential basis.

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